Septic Tank Cleaning

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Septic Tank Cleaning

Here at Cork Drain Ltd. we specialise in covering a wide range of private, commercial, industrial and public sector clients. With over 20 years experience in the drain services industry we have become a powerhouse of knowledge within this field with no job to big and no task to difficult for our dedicated team.

A septic tank provides an effective way of treating wastewater from toilets from a house or several houses which are not connected to the mains drainage system.

A septic tank works like a simple sewage treatment works and the treated effluent drains from the tank’s outlet pipe normally to a soak away. Waste material is allowed to settle in the tank and is digested by natural bacteria which must be allowed to breed within the tank. Over time partially-decomposed solids build up on the bottom of the tank. This sludge has to be removed regularly to make sure the tank continues to work properly and to prevent the soak away becoming choked.

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